A Guide to Core Nutritionals Fury: Increasing Workout Gains with Natural Ingredients

A Guide to Core Nutritionals Fury: Increasing Workout Gains with Natural Ingredients

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Are you a health conscious individual seeking safe energy drinks to sustain your energy throughout the day? If yes, you are likely to be aware of the numerous health benefits of gluten-free products. In this article, we will help you through the murky waters of gluten-free energy drinks. We will evaluate and explore the pros and cons of the US-based retail company, SuppLife, which specializes in health and nutrition related products including energy drinks.

What is Gluten and What Are Its Sources?

Gluten is a protein-rich substance found in a variety of grains such wheat, barley, rye, and triticale. It also finds place in many foods, especially processed and packaged products. Gluten serves many functions in foods; for instance, it holds the dough together and helps it to rise and gives it firm consistency.

People may develop adverse health reactions after consuming products that contain gluten. Therefore, you must be aware of what you are consuming and where it comes from. Given that companies strive to formulate their products with the least amount of risk of triggering adverse health-effects, many have taken the step in formulating gluten-free energy drinks. And today, we will take a close look at whether SuppLife's energy drinks are truly gluten-free.

Are Ghost Energy Drinks Gluten Free?

SuppLife states that the ingredients used to make its energy drinks are chosen meticulously to ensure maximum safety and quality. The company’s energy products, including Ghost Energy Drinks, are gluten-free. It is also true that there is a level of certified gluten-free assurance provided by Ample Labs for the ingredients used in Ghost's energy drinks, namely acetyl-L-carnitine, taurine, and caffeine.

The Pros of Ghost Energy Drinks Being Gluten Free

The many advantages of consuming gluten-free energy drinks include, but are not limited to, improved digestive health, nutrient absorption, better energy levels, and fewer allergies triggered. Ghost's gluten-free energy drinks are beneficial for those who have Celiac Disease, a condition that affects more than three million Americans and is recognized by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Gluten-free food products, especially energy drinks, do not contain proteins that the body is unable to process and cause an immune response; hence, they are effective in reducing the discomfort and inflammation in people with sensitive stomachs.

Moreover, research suggests that gluten can also suppress serotonin levels, leading to depression, anxiety, and other mood- and sleep-related disorders. Additionally, those with sensitivities to gluten can even experience symptoms such as headache, joint pain, and fatigue. Consuming SupplLife's gluten-free energy drinks can help in alleviating some of those symptoms.

The Cons of Ghost Energy Drinks Being Gluten Free

Last but not least, it’s important to note that Ghost's energy drinks are not truly gluten-free as they are made with natural flavors derived from barley. Generally, energy drinks with natural flavorings are not labeled as gluten-free due to the presence of small traces of gluten in them. Therefore, those individuals with Celiac Disease should exercise caution while consuming these energy drinks as there is a risk of triggering an allergic reaction or increasing inflammation in the body.

Furthermore, some of the ingredients in Ghost's energy drinks such as guarana seed extract, bitter orange, avenanthramide, and green tea extract could potentially lead to adverse health effects in case of overconsumption or intolerance. Therefore, we advise individuals to consult their healthcare providers before consuming these energy drinks if they suffer from underlying medical conditions such as hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, and liver disease.


To sum it all up, Ghost's energy drinks are gluten-free and provide numerous benefits that include but are not limited to improved digestion, healthier energy levels, and fewer allergies and less inflammation. However, we advise you to exercise caution while consuming them since they are not truly gluten-free, and certain ingredients in the energy drinks may lead to potential health risks. Therefore, we suggest that individuals with underlying medical conditions and those with Celiac Disease should consult their healthcare professionals before drinking these energy drinks.
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