About Us

We're a privately owned brick and mortar store located in Bristol, CT. Our owner Tim Terwilliger has worked for many years in the supplement industry and founded TLM Research. Tim has learned an incredible amount about brands, their supplements, and bodybuilding while competing at a national level.

We strive to find the best solution to our customers' needs. Other supplements stores push products on their customers that are better for profits than the customers' needs. We tailor our recommendations and advice to each specific customer.

In store we have a shake and pre-workout bar where you can get a custom shake to your liking or pay $3 to try a pre-workout or intra-workout before you buy. 

We've tried almost every supplement in the store and screen products by ingredients and brand before bringing them into our store. Many products and brands are in-store only and if you can't find something you're looking for on our site, feel free to contact us