About Us

We are a private and family owned Supplement Store founded in Connecticut. Owner, Tim Terwilliger, has dedicated his entire adult life to being involved in the supplement industry, climbing from being a sponsored athlete early on for many different companies, to sales, manufacturing, creating brands, formulas, and marketing for brands. After establishing his supplement company with a worldwide presence, Tim returned back to the retail arena, where he started. His passion has always been helping people. Through health and supplements, Tim thrives at bringing the best customer service possible to SuppLife Stores. 

We strive to find the best solution to our customers' needs. Other supplement stores push products on their customers that are better for profits than the customers' needs. We tailor our recommendations and advice to each specific customer based on their needs. Customers always come first. 

In our stores, we have a shake and pre-workout bar where you can get a custom shake to your liking or pay $3 to try a pre-workout, BCAA, intra workout, before purchasing. Also, we have meals, microwave, cooler drinks, ACAI bowls and more. 

We've tried almost every supplement in the store and screen products by ingredients and brand before bringing them into our store. Some products and brands are in-store only and if you can't find something you're looking for on our site, feel free to contact us

Your happiness is our guarantee.