Alpha Lion Supplements: Evaluating the Supplement Company That's Changing the Health and Wellness Industry

Alpha Lion Supplements: Evaluating the Supplement Company That's Changing the Health and Wellness Industry

SuppLife LLC
Every athlete’s ultimate goal is to maximize their performance and reach their potential. Supplementation aids in helping athletes reach their goals. Since SuppLife opened its doors in 2012, their reputation in the health and nutrition industry has grown rapidly, and their products are becoming a go-to supplement for athletes of all levels and ages. Alpha Lion Supplements is the signature brand under the SuppLife umbrella, and they have gained a lot of steam in the past few years for their trustworthy quality and performance-based ingredients. While evaluating Alpha Lion products is important, there are facets of the supplement company that often go unnoticed but are integral to their success.

Product Safety

Consumers typically focus on the outcomes they want to see when researching and reviewing a new supplement. While health and safety should always be a priority, many times a product’s safety is overlooked. Alpha Lion is GMP Certified, which means that the dietary supplement products undergo strict and rigorous testing to meet FDA regulations. The FDA requires GMP Certified companies like Alpha Lion to guarantee that their products are accurately labeled, and that there are no through contamination in the production and manufacturing processes. All raw materials used to manufacture Alpha Lion supplements are tested for quality before production.

Quality of Ingredients

Supplements are only as good as the ingredients they are made of. Alpha Lion takes the quality of their ingredients very seriously, and ensure each raw material is natural and free from any contaminants. They partner with sports nutrition and exercise scientists to develop scientifically-backed formulas that are best for boosting performance and overall health. Each supplement contains a clinically-proven dose of ingredients, meaning they are rigorously tested in a laboratory and have been shown to be effective in clinical trials. The company is also committed to using the most advanced manufacturing processes, and they are constantly exploring new methods for formulation and testing.

Research and Development

Alpha Lion is dedicated to improving their technology, formulas, and production processes for their customers. Their research and development team consists of some of the most respected doctors, researchers, and nutritionists from around the globe. They actively monitor the latest advancements in the dietary supplement industry and use the information in their products. Alpha Lion builds their formulas on the latest clinical research and scientifically backed ingredients, and most importantly, the company does not try to blur the lines between research and marketing. They only share facts to educate and inform customers, never fabricated information.

Brand Reputation

The supplement industry is populated with companies claiming to offer miracle supplements. When consumers want to truly know if a supplement is genuine or not, they often look to the company's reputation. Alpha Lion’s products are trusted by professional athletes, and their customer base includes both casual athletes and experts. Most will claim that their products are well-made, provide great results, and have unbeatable quality. Alpha Lion primarily gets their reputation from customer reviews and recommendations, and that goes a long way when it comes to building trust in the supplement industry.


Alpha Lion Supplements is quickly becoming one of the most sought after supplement brands due to its quality approaches to making top-of-the-line products. After all, safety is a must, and only the best ingredients are used. Through its rigorous testing and research protocols, the company is able to stay ahead of the curve by crafting complex formulations and testing each product for maximum safety and effectiveness. All of these things, along with a great reputation, make investing in Alpha Lion's products an obvious decision for any bodybuilder looking to meet their personal goals.
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