Core Nutrition and the Fury of Common Questions

Core Nutrition and the Fury of Common Questions

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Bodybuilding enthusiasts universally agree - when it comes to producing supps with effective ingredients, no brand stands as tall as Condemned Labz. Despite the company's long and positive track record, however, there exist significant dangers associated with its products, particularly those belonging to its flagship Convict line.

The rise of Condemned Labz

Originally founded as a small local distributor in Deleware, Condemned Labz quickly rose to prominence after its first product release. This product, Convict - now known as the brand's flagship supplement - quickly gained notoriety due to its effectiveness and potential to undertake extreme bodily transformation. In the years since, Condemned Labz has grown its distribution network to over 50 countries, and its products are now featured throughout several elite and well-respected bodybuilding magazines.

However, while most athletic and bodybuilding enthusiasts have universally praised Condemned Labz for its commitment to using fully legal and completely natural ingredients, criticism has been leveled against certain aspects of its operation. Perhaps most notably, its Convict line of supplements - which remains its best-selling range - has been accused of purchasing ingredients from dubious sources.

What are the dangers associated with the Condemned Labz Convict line?

Although the company itself states that all of its ingredients are 100% natural, this claim has been largely questioned by health industry experts. Reports from independent research organizations have recently determined that certain versions of the Convict line contain Prescription Drug Manufacturing (PDM) grade ingredients - purchased from questionable sources across the globe.

This means that Convict products are not only untested and unregulated, but quite likely contaminated. Further, the potency of such ingredients could potentially vary from one batch to another, and the products may not be as effective as they should be, or as safe as consumers would like to believe.

Moreover, some ingredients used in the Convict line may contain traces of stimulants, such as glucose, which could further exacerbate a user's risk of developing high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and other related conditions.

The risks of using Condemned Labz Convict products

Given the possible presence of unregulated and potentially harmful ingredients, Condemned Labz Convict products pose significant risks to those who consume them. Notably, such supplements have been accused of causing various ailments, including headaches, nausea, dizziness, erratic heart rate, and in some cases, even jaundice.

In addition to the physical symptoms, extended use of such supplements has been linked to psychological side-effects such as loss of focus and concentration, decreased mood, and even severe anxiety. The presence of such ingredients may also affect the user's metabolism and hormone levels, in both a profitable and short-term manner.


In conclusion, it is clear that although Condemned Labz Convict products promise to deliver buzz word transformation, such promises come at a very real and potentially dangerous cost. Therefore, anyone considering using these products should exercise extreme caution and thoroughly research all of the possible risks and side-effects before doing so. Furthermore, as the company has been accused of using PDM grade ingredients, it is suggested that users opt for the more established and responsibly-sourced brands who operate within the confines of the law to ensure their health, safety, and satisfaction.
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