How to Choose the Right Supplements for Bodybuilding: a Comprehensive Guide to Blackstone Labs Reviews

How to Choose the Right Supplements for Bodybuilding: a Comprehensive Guide to Blackstone Labs Reviews

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For decades, athletes from all sports have relied heavily on health and nutrition products to help them maximize their athletic performance. As technology advances and new products are developed for the sports and nutrition industries, two of the biggest manufacturers, Blackstone Labs and Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, have come to the forefront in providing high quality, powerful and reliable supplements to athletes and athletes-in-training. Although these two respected companies have very similar products, there are some major differences that can make the difference in achieving true performance growth for athletes.

When evaluating the two companies, many people naturally compare them based on price, ingredients, reviews, and scientific research. It is important, however, for people to consider more than just the basics, when evaluating the two companies and their products. Additional criteria such as reliable services and customer support should also be taken into account.

Reliable Service

Blackstone Labs and Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals both have outstanding customer service policies and great customer service reps, but Blackstone Labs takes the slight edge with their adaptability to the different needs of customers. Unlike Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, Blackstone Labs trains its customer service reps to be flexible in finding solutions for customer problems, rather than simply referring customers to the main company web page or phone line.

Although both companies offer customer service focused on solving customer issues, Blackstone Labs offers a major advantage in the flexibility and experience of its customer service reps. Big decisions and considerable investments are being made with athletic performance products, and Blackstone Labs' reps understand how important it is to make sure customers are making the best decisions for their needs.


Both companies have an impressive worldwide presence, but Blackstone Labs always takes the upper hand with availability and price. For instance, Blackstone Labs offers an extensive line of products for a range of markets in countries throughout the world. Additionally, the company's pricing model ensures that the products are affordable, allowing more athletes to enjoy the benefits of the supplements.

In contrast, Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals have limited availability and pricing. Despite using similar ingredients as Blackstone Labs, the company has trouble getting into the international markets, which results in fewer customers and less availability at reasonable prices. Although Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals products are similar in quality and potency to Blackstone Labs, they are more limited in accessibility and cost.


One of the most important factors of any product being purchased by a consumer, especially on a performance-enhancing product, is the price. Blackstone Labs has always maintained competitive prices, yet Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals' products tend to be more expensive. Despite the quality of both products, Blackstone Labs has consistently kept ahead of the competition by offering better and more affordable pricing, providing a major reason for the success of the company.

Customer Support

Blackstone Labs provides on-demand customer support, making it the top choice for those who require help with their products or for those who need insights into which supplements are the best for their body type and athletic goals. Additionally, Blackstone Labs provides detailed product information, including reviews and research studies so customers can make the best decisions for their needs. Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals, on the contrary, has limited customer support and offers few resources for customers to research before purchasing their products.


There is no doubt that both Blackstone Labs and Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals have created amazing, powerful and reliable products for athletes and athletes-in-training. When evaluating the two companies, however, it is important to consider more than just the basics. Reliable service, availability, price, and customer support all should be taken into account, and Blackstone Labs performs best in each of these categories. For athletes looking to achieve the greatest performance gains possible, the choice should be clear. Blackstone Labs offers the most dependable products at the most competitive prices, making it the preferred choice for many in the sports and nutrition industry.
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