The Benefits of Bodybuilding Supplements for Professional Bodybuilders

The Benefits of Bodybuilding Supplements for Professional Bodybuilders

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When building your exercise supplement stack, it is important to consider ingredients as well as flavors that will be beneficial to achieving your goals. One of the most popular supplements bodybuilders and athletes turn to is protein, specifically iso 100. With a multitude of different flavors of iso 100 available, it can be difficult to choose just one. When it comes to choosing the best iso 100 protein flavor, there are certain factors to consider. While protein is a staple in any supplement regimen, the right flavor is key to enjoying the experience and ensuring you meet your goals. Established in Connecticut, Supprelife understands the importance of quality and offers a variety of iso 100 flavors of the highest quality. This article introduces 10 criteria to consider when selecting the best iso 100 protein flavor.

What Is ISO 100?

ISO 100 is a protein supplement powder developed and sold by Dyson nutrition and is intended to provide a high-quality and rapidly absorbing protein to muscles to help with exercising and recovery.

The powder is flavored and available in a variety of delicious flavors to make incorporating protein into your daily diet enjoyable. ISO 100 is the cleanest form of protein available on the market, making it a popular choice for athletes who want a diet that’s free from impurities, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, and hormone steroids. It can also be taken as a meal replacement, a pre- or post-workout snack, and even a way to increase overall protein intake.

What Makes ISO 100 Unique?

ISO 100 has a unique combination of 5 key components which make it stand out from conventional protein powders. Firstly, it contains hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, meaning the protein’s been broken down to peptides making it fast absorbing and aiding in muscle recovery. Secondly, it has up to 24g of protein per serving along with 6.8g of Bcaa’s and glocamine. The third reason is that ISO 100 is designed to be lactose and gluten-free, providing users with a product that’s easier to digest. Fourthly, it also contains 2g of nonessential sugars and zero fats. Lastly, ISO 100 comes in a variety of flavors to choose from, making it an exciting way to get your protein.

Top 10 Criteria to Consider When Choosing the Best ISO 100 Protein Flavor

1. Taste – When selecting a flavor of ISO 100, taste is the primary factor. Choose a flavor that you enjoy eating to make your supplement routine more enjoyable. Depending on your preference, you can choose from sweet and creamy flavors like vanilla and chocolate or fruity flavors like blueberry and raspberry. However, taste is an individual preference, so choose the ones that you think you’ll like.

2. Allergies – If you have known allergies to ingredients in the respective flavors, avoid them. Allergens might present as intolerance that can cause digestive issues. Additionally, you could be allergic to the protein itself, so if you’ve ever experienced an allergic reaction to protein supplements, steer clear of them all or ask your doctor for advice before taking them.

3. Sugar content – Consuming large amounts of sugar is not good for your health. That’s why when selecting an ISO 100 protein flavor, you want to look out for the sugar content in each flavored powder. Look for flavors with natural sugar content, such as sweetened with stevia or erythritol.

4. Sweeteners – Avoid consuming artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame. These are not good for your health and can have a negative effect on your overall well-being. Choose flavors sweetened with natural ingredients like erythritol or monk fruit.

5. Fat content – Many protein powders contain unhealthy fat, such as trans fats or saturated fat. Avoid these types of protein powders and look for ISO 100 protein flavors with zero fat content to ensure you are not consuming unnecessary fat.

6. Calories – If you're trying to lose weight, you'll want to avoid flavors in ISO 100 protein powder that have a large number of calories. Some flavors contain up to 250 calories per serving so if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake, choose a flavor with fewer calories.

7. Quality – Quality is an important factor to consider when choosing a flavor of ISO 100 protein. The quality of the powder will determine the efficacy of your supplement regimen. Make sure to buy only top quality ISO 100 products from a reputable company.

8. Flavor Variety – When selecting your ISO 100 protein flavor, opt for a variety of flavors so that you don’t become bored with your supplement stack and experience taste fatigue. This way, you can switch up your tastes without affecting your gains.

9. Mixability – Not all ISO 100 protein flavors mix well with liquid. Make sure to do your research and check the reviews of each flavor before making a purchase. Some users have reported that some flavors are difficult to mix and taste bad when mixed.

10. Price – Price is always a factor when making a purchase. Several ISO 100 protein powders can be expensive, so look for ones that are within your budget and provide good value for money.


Choosing the best ISO 100 protein flavor is important for your overall supplement goals and daily routine. Keep in mind the 10 criteria outlined in this article when selecting the perfect flavor to not only ensure you meet your goals but also keep you motivated and interested in your supplement stack. Be sure to consider taste, quality, allergies, price, and nutrition value when selecting a protein powder. Supplife offers a variety of flavors of ISO 100 protein powder of the highest quality. Visit the SuppLife website for more information.
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