The Benefits of SuppLife's CBUM Blackberry Lemonade for Body Builders

The Benefits of SuppLife's CBUM Blackberry Lemonade for Body Builders

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More and more people are embracing bodybuilding as a way to stay fit and to look good. Whether it is for amateur status or to look great for summer, the bodybuilding community is growing every day. The one thing that the avid body builder will need to embark on this journey is the right nutrition. The BSN Protein Syntha-6 is a must have amongst the bodybuilding community as it provides them with the balanced nutrient profile they need to fuel their journey.

At SuppLife, we pride ourselves in providing top of the line, scientifically based products that help the bodybuilding community achieve their gains. Protein Syntha-6 is one of our best-selling products that has been carefully crafted to provide the bodybuilder with a synergistic blend of five different proteins to help enhance their gains.

BSN Protein Syntha-6 contains high quality ingredients that have been specifically chosen to assist the professional and amateur bodybuilder in reaching their bodily goals. The carefully selected combination of proteins found in the blend are crucial to the development and maintenance of muscle mass and skeletal strength. The blend contains whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, micellar casein, and egg albumin and serve to fuel the bodybuilder with essential amino acids.

In addition to the combination of high quality proteins, BSN Protein Syntha-6 also packs in BSN's exclusive Organic Compounds which is 5.25g of BCAA/EAA/Glutamine/N-Acetyl-L-Glutamine. This carefully blended mix of ingredients helps in the recovery process and aids in the building of lean muscle mass. In addition, this product also packs in 9.2g of dietary fiber which helps with digestive health and provides a greater feeling of fullness.

Protein Syntha-6 is not just about the combination of proteins, it helps the bodybuilder reach their ultimate potential by providing them with other essential nutrients. BSN Calcium aids in the maintenance of healthy muscles and bones, BSN's trademarked Aminogen® aids in protein absorption and providing the body with the right type of protein, and BSN’s Spectra™ help with overall digestive health and provide the consumer with whole food derived antioxidants and phytonutrients.

This protein blend is great for both pre and post workout consumption, so a bodybuilder can make sure she has the energy to give her best effort during her routine and refuel after a tough session. It is also delicious enough to be consumed as a snack and can either be mixed with vegetable milk or used to make smoothies and shakes.

The superiority of BSN’s Protein Syntha-6 lies within its combination of quality and purity. It is composed of a premium bio-available protein blend that is low in fat and low in sugar. Not only does it provide the bodybuilder with essential proteins and nutrients, it also tastes great. Listed among the flavors of Protein Syntha-6 are strawberry banana, chocolate peanut butter, and cookies and cream. Let's just say that your daily protein shot will no longer put a damper on your sweet tooth.

At SuppLife we are proud to carry BSN’s Protein Syntha-6 for our bodybuilding customers. Not only is this protein blend great tasting, it is also packed with essential proteins and nutrients that will help your body reach its full potential. We are passionate about providing our customers the best quality products and we are sure that adding BSN Protein Syntha-6 to your supplement stack will help you look and feel your best.
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