The Hidden Benefits of Animal Creatine Chews

The Hidden Benefits of Animal Creatine Chews

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Studies have shown that consuming animal creatine chews can be beneficial for bodybuilding. Known for their high levels of energy-boosting creatine, these chews have become an increasingly popular choice among weightlifters and athletes alike. While creatine is known to have a wide range of benefits, there are some overlooked advantages of taking animal creatine chews that may surprise you.

At SuppLife, a retail company based in Connecticut that specializes in health and nutrition products, we are gradually seeing a shift in appeal towards animal creatine chews given the numerous benefits it has for bodybuilding. Whether you’re weightlifting or running, we believe that knowing the overlooked perks of taking animal creatine chews is integral for making a decision to include them in your diet. In this article, we’ll provide you with an insight into some of the benefits animal creatine chews can offer, and hopefully give you a better understanding of why choosing to incorporate them into your lifestyle could be a beneficial choice.

Instant Energy Source –

Creatine is believed to be an important energy metabolism regulator and it serves as a major factor for the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Creatine can be found naturally in certain foods, particularly dark, leafy green vegetables and some forms of fish, however, items such as animal creatine chews can ensure you’re taking a high-concentrate option in a form that’s easy to consume.

Creatine is mainly used to supplement short duration, high-intensity workouts such as repeated sprints and weightlifting. Therefore, with animal creatine chews being readily available and exceptionally easy to eat during and after a workout, this provides you with an immediate source of energy during a workout session. This gives you a considerable competitive advantage, as well as ensuring you’ll have enough energy to see you through a workout from start to finish without feeling drained at the end.

Supports Muscle Hypertrophy

The proliferation effect of creatine supplementation is one of the primary factors that supports muscle growth, otherwise known as muscle hypertrophy. Often when athletes partake in high-intensity activities such as weightlifting or running, the presence of creatine helps to increase your muscle mass whilst also allowing you to work at a higher endurance level. This means your muscles will be easily able to maintain their strength, size and shapes while avoiding muscle loss.

Creatine has also been demonstrated to support healing and the development of tissue fibres, allowing improved ease of movement due to better regeneration. Therefore, for those hoping to increase their muscle mass through supplementation, animal creatine chews are a great and convenient way to achieve this, delivering the same creatine benefits as a powder but in a palate-friendly option.

Reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is often something athletes experience after partaking in intensive exercise, such as HIIT, running and weightlifting, and it can last anywhere between 24-48 hours. DOMS is caused by extensive exercise inducing an inflammatory response in the working muscles, often accompanied by pain and discomfort, making it an especially sore experience.

However, studies have been conducted to suggest that epicatechin, an active component within animal creatine chews, can reduce the effects of DOMS. This is mostly due to the presence of anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties in the epicatechin which helps in reducing the effects of fatigue while also stimulating the production of new muscle cells.

Improves Exercise Performance

Overall, one of the major benefits of animal creatine chews is their ability to improve exercise performance. By providing our muscles with enough energy, animal creatine chews can help athletes work out for longer periods at a higher intensity, which in turn ultimately strengthens our body. Additionally, animal creatine chews can help to maximize your potential already being achieved with a workout, as the enhanced energy option it provides helps to give us an edge in our performance.

Final Thoughts

Animal creatine chews have more to offer than just providing our bodies with energy – they also provide us with a number of additional benefits such as reducing delayed onset muscle soreness and supporting our muscle hypertrophy. Creatine chews are an excellent source of energy and should be on every bodybuilder or athlete’s radar as they can improve performance and provide benefits such as increased energy, increased workout duration, and improved muscle healing. Ultimately, it’s important to ensure you’re eating the right quantity and strength of animal creatine chews in order to achieve the maximum gains that are achievable with this supplement.
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