The Pros and Cons of Animal Creatine Chews: a Body Builder's Perspective

The Pros and Cons of Animal Creatine Chews: a Body Builder's Perspective

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It's no secret that creatine has become one of the most popular and sought after supplements in the sports nutrition industry. This multi-functional compound can be found in many athletic nutrition products, ranging from protein bars and shakes to performance-enhancing pre-workouts. Recently, there has been an increasing popularity for animal creatine chews, and when it comes to taking your workout to the next level, they could be just what you were looking for.

Defined as small bites that contain both creatine and natural flavoring, these chews can be a great mid-workout snack to give your energy levels a boost. Creatine ethyl ester is the active ingredient in animal creatine chews, and when ingested, it is quickly absorbed into the muscles. Creatine ethyl ester also requires no loading phase and has rapid onset, so you experience the benefits of increased athleticism and endurance quickly and without hassle.

As with anything else in the sports nutrition world, animal creatine chews have their advantages and disadvantages. To get the most out of this product, you should be aware of both and make an informed decision before trying them out.

The Pros of Animal Creatine Chews

First of all, the fact that animal creatine chews contain both creatine and natural flavoring gives them a great tasting appeal. Manufactured by SuppLife, these chews come in a variety of tasty flavors, including mango, blueberry, chocolate, and even mint. In addition to providing your muscles with a powerful dose of energy-enhancing nutrition, they’re also quite enjoyable to eat.

In addition to their delicious taste, animal creatine chews are also beneficial in terms of convenience. These chews are small and lightweight, making it easy to fit a few into your gym bag or pocket. They are also easy to store and are shelf-stable, so you don’t have to worry about refrigerating them or keeping them in a cool, dry place.

The use of animal creatine chews offer another advantage compared to other creatine supplements on the market. Unlike creatine monohydrate and creatine hydrochloride, animal creatine chews require no loading phase. This means that you can get the full benefits of increased athleticism and endurance after just a couple of chews, rather than the days of loading required for traditional forms of creatine.

Finally, animal creatine chews have been clinically proven to be safe and effective. Studies have demonstrated that there are no detrimental side effects associated with taking animal creatine chews, making them a popular supplement choice among bodybuilders.

The Cons of Animal Creatine Chews

Although animal creatine chews offer a number of advantages, there are some drawbacks to consider. Perhaps the most significant drawback is the price. Animal creatine chews cost more than other forms of creatine due to their high-quality ingredients and convenient packaging. Additionally, since these chews are produced in smaller batches, they tend to be more expensive than mass-market forms of creatine.

Another downside of animal creatine chews is the lack of flavor variety. While there are several delicious flavors to choose from, such as mango, blueberry, and chocolate, some users may find that the taste gets dull after a while. This may lead to the user switching to another type of creatine supplement in order to change up the flavor.

Finally, some users have noted that animal creatine chews do not offer the same benefits as creatine mono or creatine hydrochloride. While studies have demonstrated that animal creatine chews are safe and effective, there is still a lack of long-term data to prove their effectiveness over long periods of time.


In conclusion, animal creatine chews are a great option for bodybuilders looking for a tasty and convenient form of creatine supplementation. These chews are easy to store and transport, do not require a loading phase, and are safe for regular use. However, they can be more expensive than other forms of creatine and lack the variety of flavors offered by mass-market supplements. Before deciding to incorporate animal creatine chews into your fitness regimen, make sure to weigh the pros and cons as well as research customer reviews to get an accurate assessment of the product.
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