The Pros and Cons of Axe and Sledge BCAA

The Pros and Cons of Axe and Sledge BCAA

SuppLife LLC
The fitness industry has flourished over the years as health has become a larger part of the public focus. Whether it is increased attention to nutrition, dedication to a nutritious diet, or commitment to a regular exercise regimen, nutrition and health have grown astronomically in popularity. Among the many aspects of nutrition, supplements have become a popular addition to many individuals’ diets. One of the most popular forms of supplementation is protein. High-quality alternatives to the traditional whey protein pre-workouts have become the hottest commodity on the market today. Within these various proteins lies a hidden gem; black magic supply protein.

SuppLife is a retail company based in Connecticut that specializes in health and nutrition related products including supplements, minerals, sports nutrition, diet and energy products. As part of their extensive inventory, they carry black magic supply protein. Black magic supply protein, and specifically the Black Magic Protein Blend, is specifically touted as being amongst the highest quality proteins available made from whey concentrate and whey isolate. What one may not consider when evaluating black magic supply protein, however, is all of the prospective advantages provided with this form of protein.

Benefits of Black Magic Supply Protein

The primary benefits of black magic supply protein are those related to its extremely high quality of nutrients. As mentioned, it is made with whey concentrate and whey isolate, providing a direct source of amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. This is beneficial because such nutrients are all essential for muscle repair and growth. Additionally, whey protein is known to have muscle-building properties, meaning that consumption of such proteins help build and maintain muscle.

Black magic supply protein can also help prevent muscle loss, particularly while undertaking rigorous training sessions. Whey protein utilizes a process called ‘glutathione’ to naturally increase the presence of antioxidants in the body. These antioxidants help protect the muscles from damage and reduce the likelihood of muscle loss by making the muscles stronger and more durable.

Finally, whey protein helps with muscle recovery following workouts and physical activity. Post-workout recovery is crucial for muscle reformation. While recovery can help lessen soreness and accelerate the amount of time before being able to work out again, whey protein helps build muscle and generate new muscle. It does this by stimulating the muscle growth process and helping the muscle to repair and build itself after being damaged through exercise or physical activity.

Practical Usages for Black Magic Supply Protein

Black magic supply protein is not intended for everyone, only those looking to build muscle. Bodybuilders, health-conscious individuals, and athletes should consider incorporating it into their fitness regimen if they are looking for an efficient source of protein.

1. Optimal Pre-Workout Consumption

Since black magic supply protein is difficult to digest, it should be consumed before the workout session. Its slow digestion rate ensures that the individual consuming it is able to benefit from the various nutrients contained within throughout the duration of the workout.

2. Post-Workout Recovery

Incorporating a whey protein supplement within fifteen minutes of completing the workout is essential to ensuring muscle recovery and growth. The body has a lower resistance to muscle breakdown post-workout, so it is important to have a source of recovery such as whey protein to restore balance to the muscle fibers.

3. Intra-Workout Assistance

The main purpose of whey protein is to provide assistance during workouts. It helps to prevent muscle loss and breakage during the more strenuous training regimens by providing energy and keeping the muscles fueled.


While black magic supply protein may not be the traditional form of pre-workout supplementation, it has real and practical benefits for those looking for a natural source of nutrition and optimize their workout. It may not be widely known, but black magic supply protein is quickly becoming the go-to protein mix for many fitness fanatics searching for a quality and nutrient-rich source of energy and muscle support.
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