The Pros andCons of Blackstone Labs - Enhancing Your Workout

The Pros andCons of Blackstone Labs - Enhancing Your Workout

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The modern athlete needs a wholesome source of nutrition to keep them energized and supported during their rigorous training and competitions. With this in mind, celebrity chef Robert Irvine has developed FitCrunch, a high protein bar designed specifically for the active mindset with quality ingredients and amazing flavor. Here, SuppLife will provide an introduction to Robert Irvine’s FitCrunch bars, discuss the benefits they provide athletes and body builders, and provide tips on how to get started with them.

What is FitCrunch?

Developed by Celebrity Chef Robert Irvine – and created by the culinary schooled chefs of FitCrunch Foods – there are so many reasons why athletes of all kinds should turn to FitCrunch. As Nutrition and Strength Coach Chris Heller notes, “for busy athletes who don’t have the time to properly nourish their bodies, FitCrunch’s delicious and nutritious high-protein bars offer the best of both worlds.” This is because FitCrunch protein bars are designed to provide all the nutritional elements of a healthy, balanced meal replacement bar, including protein, fats, and carbohydrates, all without using any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Enriched with key vitamins, minerals, and essential fats, a single bar contains a high level of bioavailable proteins including whey, soy, and casein, meaning that the protein can be easily absorbed by the body. At the same time, FitCrunch is low in both sugar and fat, using natural sugar substitutes and healthy fats like coconut and chia, allowing athletes to get the boost they need without disrupting their nutritional balance. Moreover, there are a number of delicious flavor combinations to choose from so you’ll never tire of the taste.

Benefits of FitCrunch

Athletes are faced with an array of considerations, mainly to maximize the value that their food brings to their performance. For this reason, the necessity for wholesome, nutritious, and nutrient-dense food is a priority in the active lifestyle. Many of the other snack bars on the market err on the side of empty calories, artificial sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, palm oil, and other ingredients that are not as beneficial as healthy, natural ingredients.

FitCrunch provides a number of benefits that athletes can benefit from, including:

• A high level of bioavailable protein from whey, soy, and casein

• All-natural and high-quality ingredients like coconut oil, agave, chia seeds, and oats

• Vitamins and minerals to support energy, muscle growth, and recovery

• Healthy fats for sustained energy

• A great taste that makes it enjoyable to eat

• Low in sugar, low in fat, and zero artificial flavors or sweeteners

How to Get Started With FitCrunch

If you’re looking to get started with FitCrunch, the first step is to determine which flavor you would like. FitCrunch offers an array of flavors – from birthday cake to peanut butter cookie dough – to satisfy every taste.

Once you’ve chosen your flavor, it’s time to determine when and how you’ll be eating FitCrunch bars. Since they can serve as a meal replacement bar (MRB), many athletes will opt to eat a bar in place of a meal. This is particularly helpful for those who can’t always find the time to cook a nutritious meal.

Another great way to use FitCrunch bars is as an energy bar, not necessarily as a meal replacement, but for a pre-workout or post-workout boost. As Philip Goglia, M.S., C.N.S., and author of Turn Up the Heat says, “eating a bar before exercise helps fuel the body and prepare it for activity and then the body can use the remaining energy to recover post-workout.”

It’s important to remember, however, that regardless of how you choose to use FitCrunch bars, they should not be used as a meal substitute every day. All athletes require a varied and nutrient-dense diet over the course of a week, so be mindful of how often you use FitCrunch and ensure that you’re still getting the nutritious meals you need.

Final Thoughts

For athletes and body builders looking for convenience without sacrificing quality nutrition, FitCrunch is an ideal option. Packed with whey, soy, and casein proteins, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals, and all-natural, tasty ingredients, FitCrunch can be used either as a meal replacement bar or an energy bar to provide the energy and nutrients athletes need to improve their performance and recovery. With its unique and delicious flavors, everyone in the family can enjoy FitCrunch bars. Get started today with FitCrunch and experience the delicious, nutritious punch it packs.
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