The Top 10 Things to Consider about Are Ghost Energy Drinks Gluten Free?

The Top 10 Things to Consider about Are Ghost Energy Drinks Gluten Free?

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When it comes to body building, selecting the right proteins is essential to fueling muscle growth. Beef, in particular, is known for its high content of magnesium, zinc, iron, and vitamin B12. Though often an overlooked part of the process, when evaluating quality beef, body builders should consider more than just protein count and fat level. That’s why SuppLife has devoted itself to delivering bucked-up beef with all the goodness of farms-raised cattle and more.

When it comes to quality beef, there are a number of factors body builders don’t always take into consideration, such as source of animal, feed diets, and humane animal handling practices. While these are perhaps the most important aspects of meat selection, they are often the most overlooked. With the bucked-up beef from SuppLife, all of these points are addressed.

Animal Source

When evaluating beef, it is important to consider the source animal. While the most obvious choice might be cattle, other farm-raised meats like sheep or goats can also serve as nutritious sources of protein. With SuppLife’s bucked-up beef, all sources are carefully selected for quality and health from reputable, local farms in Connecticut. This means the cattle you are consuming are not only raised in optimal conditions, but are also free from any questionable antibiotics and hormone injections.

Feed Diets

Selecting the right feed diets for the animals you consume is also an essential part of the process. When animals are fed an unnatural diet, their nutrition and taste can suffer. This can be a problem with commercial beef, which is often fed corn and soy while living in inhumane conditions. With SuppLife’s bucked-up beef, however, the farm-raised sources are given a nutritious feed diet of grasses, legumes, herbs, and other organic forages. This helps produce a juicy, nutrient-dense beef filled with all the goodness nature intended.

Humane Animal Handling Practices

Finally, assessing the humane animal handling practices of the farm from where the beef originates is a practice every body builder should consider. This is an integral part of evaluating the quality of the meat. SuppLife’s bucked-up beef is sourced from a farm in Ct. that emphasizes animal welfare, so you can rest assured that the cattle from which the beef is sourced are raised in humane conditions.

Nutritional Profile

When evaluating quality beef, the nutritional content should not be overlooked either. Beef in general contains high amounts of zinc, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B12, all of which are important elements in fuelling muscle growth. However, the nutritional values of bucked-up beef from SuppLife go above and beyond this. Not only does the beef contain high amounts of protein, but it also boasts the high amino acid content of 16.6g per serving, which is optimal for muscle gain and repair.


Ultimately, it is important to consider more than just protein content and fat levels when selecting beef for body building purposes. It is equally important to consider the source of the animal, the feed diets it was given, and the humane animal handling practices of the farm from whence it was sourced. This is why SuppLife’s bucked-up beef is a superior choice. The beef is sourced from local farms in Ct., the cattle are fed a nutritious diet of grasses, legumes, herbs, and other organic forages, and all animal welfare protocols are followed. On top of that, the beef also provides a higher amino acid content than most commercial beef, making it an optimal choice for fueling muscle growth.
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