The Top 10 Things to Consider for 4-DHEA Bodybuilding

The Top 10 Things to Consider for 4-DHEA Bodybuilding

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Bodybuilding is one of the most popular activities amongst gym-goers, with individuals ranging from amateur to professional looking to build muscles and increase their strength and athleticism. For those looking to gain an edge in their progress and to rapidly increase muscle bulk, many people turn to supplements such as 4-DHEA, otherwise known as 4-Androsterone, to increase the efficacy of their workout regime. This article will discuss the key points to consider when using 4-DHEA for bodybuilding in order to maximize users’ progress and ensure minimal risk.

Introduction to 4-DHEA

4-androstenedione (4-DHEA) is a hormone precursor commonly used as a dietary supplement amongst bodybuilding circles. It is a 19-Nor-Androstene, meaning that it is a derivative of testosterone that helps to increase the body’s ability to synthesize testosterone and generate more muscle mass and strength in users.

When used correctly, 4-DHEA is an incredibly effective supplement for encouraging muscle growth. It is able to increase protein synthesis and increase the body’s utilization of stored fat, which is essential for building mass and cutting body fat, two core components of bodybuilding.

However, as with any supplement, it is important to consider how you will use it and what steps you need to take to ensure the most effective, and safest use of 4-DHEA in bodybuilding. This article will discuss the top 10 things that bodybuilders should consider before using 4-DHEA.

1. Before and After Blood Testing:

It is essential that you get tested before and after taking 4-DHEA in order to ensure it does not cause any significant disturbances to your hormone levels. Blood testing can provide an accurate view of current hormone levels and be compared to hormone levels after use.

This allows users to see if they have experienced an increase of hormones, such as testosterone, as a result of taking 4-DHEA and can be used to decide whether or not to take the supplement in the future.

2. 4-DHEA Stacks:

4-DHEA is often taken in combination with other supplements known as stacks. Stacks are useful in encouraging greater muscle growth as they combine various supplements together in order to increase their efficacy.

It is important to research the most effective stacks for taking 4-DHEA and consider factors such as increased effectiveness, cost and potential side effects when deciding which stack to use.

3. Dosage Tracking:

Like any supplement taken for bodybuilding, it is essential to track dosage levels in order to ensure the most effective use of 4-DHEA, as well as avoiding potential side effects. It is important to begin with the lowest recommended dose for your body type and slowly increase levels as needed.

This allows users to track the effects of the supplement without needing to take higher levels of the supplement, reducing the risk of overusing the supplement and suffering from unpleasant side effects such as increased aggression.

4. Taking Breaks:

It is important to take breaks between taking 4-DHEA cycles. Taking breaks allows users to give their bodies time to adapt and recover from the effects of the supplement. Depending on how often and how much of the supplement someone takes, intended users may require breaks between taking 4-DHEA in order to combat potential side effects, such as decreased libido or potential increased aggression.

5. Diet:

As with any bodybuilding supplement, diet will play a tremendous part in how well 4-DHEA works and how healthy individuals are while taking the supplement. It is essential to ensure that users are getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals that their body needs to function, as well as consuming the optimal number of calories and proteins for their body type.

This ensures that the supplement is used in the most effective way, without users being subject to any dangerous side effects resulting from nutritional deficiencies.

6. Exercise:

It is also essential to complement 4-DHEA with an appropriate exercise regime. Exercise increases the body’s ability to synthesize testosterone and will further help to enhance muscle growth.

Exercising correctly also ensures that the body is not subject to too much physical strain, reducing the chance of serious injury or long-term damage.

7. Quality of Supplement:

It is essential that users only take the highest quality 4-DHEA supplements available. Low quality supplements may contain ingredients that are potentially dangerous for bodybuilders, including unsafe levels of heavy metals, fillers or adulterants.

At SuppLife, we guarantee that all of our supplements are of the highest quality and are suitable for bodybuilders looking to increase their muscle mass.

8. Research:

As with research relevant to any new technology, it is essential to perform thorough research into 4-DHEA and its potential side effects before purchasing the supplement. This allows users to make an informed decision as to if 4-DHEA is best for their body type and lifestyle.

It is advisable that users research from official sources to ensure that information provided is accurate and trustworthy.

9. Compounding Effects:

When taking 4-DHEA with other compounds, it is essential to research the potential side effects of such combinations. As with any stack, some supplements may increase the risks of others when taken together, resulting in an increased chance of dangerous side effects.

It is important to ensure that any combination of supplements is safe to use before taking 4-DHEA with other supplements.

10. Tapering off 4-DHEA:

When users are finished using 4-DHEA, it is important to ensure that it is tapered off correctly. This means reducing the dosage slowly over the course of weeks in order to avoid shocking the body through suddenly changing hormone levels.


Overall, it is essential to consider all of these factors before taking 4-DHEA for bodybuilding. By doing so, users can be sure that they are taking the supplement in a safe and effective manner, as well as increasing potential gains through optimizing their regime. They can also reduce the risk of suffering from potential side effects due to incorrect usage of the supplement.

SuppLife is proud to offer some of the highest quality supplements available on the market for bodybuilding today. We specialize in health and nutrition related products for a wide variety of individuals and specialize in creating the best supplement combinations that are tailored to each individual users’ body type, lifestyle and goals. If you are looking to use 4-DHEA for bodybuilding, please feel free to contact us to discuss the best plan for you.
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