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Berberine Advanced Nutrabio

Standard Berberine is one of the most effective natural supplements available. It has been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, and body composition but does have it's limitations when it comes to low bioavailability and GI distress. 

Berberine Advanced removes these limitations with the usage of GlucoVantage, the first commercially available brand of dihydroberberine. Dihydroberberine is a metabolite of berberine -- one of the most popular and well-studied agents for carbohydrate and metabolism support.* However, berberine requires a rather large dose to be useful (due to poor bioavailability) and can result in GI discomfort for a significant majority of users.*

GlucoVantage (dihydroberberine) offers great bioavailability and less potential unwanted GI side effects. In fact, in vitro studies note that dihydroberberine offers 5x greater absorption compared to berberine. 

Interestingly, guy microbes convert berberine into it's "active" form of dihydroberberine, which is then converted back to berberine after absorption in the gut.*

When coupled with the knowledge that dihydroberberine also comes with less unwanted GI effects than berberine, this make GlucoVantage the obvious chose for those looking for advanced carbohydrate metabolism and nutrient shuttling support. 

Supplement Facts

  • GlucoVantage Dihydroberberine
  • Serving size: 1 capsule
  • Servings per container: 60