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Gun Show is a Dietary Supplement (powder for your guns) engineered to amplify energy & athletic performance during intense physical training sessions. Impossible to duplicate, Often imitated, we at TLM Research have done it again. A pre-workout that isn’t full of empty promises; GUN SHOW is a far superior pre-workout when compared to others in the same “high-stimulant/energy” category.*
Here are some of the reasons why:
BETAINE ANYHDROUS: An osmolyte amino acid that increases muscle power and endurance, speeds up muscle growth and fat loss, raises cellular energy, and ALSO improves heart health, digestion, and supports liver function and detoxification (yes, we love this ingredient).*
CHOLINE BITARTRATE: A brain supplement used for improved memory and mental performance, keeping your mind alert and sharp, eliminating common “brain fog.”*
AGMATINE SULFATE: A nitric-oxide “pump” ingredient that increases pumps/vascularity, supports the central nervous system functions, and helps regulate cortisol. Although there are many more benefits from Agmatine Sulfate, these are the most noted.*
ISOPROPYLNORSYNEPHRINE: A very strong stimulant that has fat burning and thermogenic benefits. It also enhances mood, focus, and aids in appetite suppression. This bad boy will take your energy and focus to a much higher and more intense level. You’re welcome…*
HUPERZINE A: Another awesome focus and brain ingredient. More focus, less distractions, more accomplishments. Phenomenal Nootropic.. There are many other ingredients that are just as important, we wanted to highlight some of the more beneficial ones that do more than provide energy. GUN SHOW will give you the drive and ability to conquer your toughest workouts without the negative side effects that typically come with stronger pre-workouts. One scoop before your training and everyone will be lining up to buy tickets to… the GUN SHOW!*