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Ignite Your Training with High-Energy Training Ignitor: Perform Elite™

Are you an endurance athlete looking to take your performance to the next level? Look no further than Perform Elite™, the ultimate pre-workout specifically designed to address the often overlooked pre-training window. This fully disclosed, clinically dosed formula is formulated to optimize cardiovascular capacity, enhance endurance, and push you through your toughest training sessions. With a powerful blend of ingredients, including nootropics, Perform Elite™ will boost your mental energy, focus, and drive, allowing you to crush personal records and leave your competition in the dust.‡

Unleash Your Potential with Key Ingredients:

Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg) – Caffeine, the world's most popular supplement, offers numerous benefits. Not only does it provide a morning pick-me-up, but it also increases fat oxidation, aerobic and anaerobic performance, and power output. With thousands of scientific studies supporting its effectiveness, caffeine is one of the most extensively researched supplements available.

Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate (90mg) – Infinergy combines caffeine and malic acid to create di-caffeine malate. This unique blend offers a milder form of caffeine with a longer-lasting stimulatory effect, without the excessive "jitters" often associated with caffeine anhydrous. The malic acid in Infinergy acts as a buffer, aiding digestion and replenishing energy, minimizing the post-caffeine crash.

ElevATP (200mg) – ATP, our cellular fuel source, is enhanced by ElevATP, a powerful ingredient that boosts mitochondrial ATP production. Verified to improve exercise performance and body composition, ElevATP takes your training to the next level.

Taurine (1500mg) – Taurine, an essential amino acid, plays a crucial role in oxidative stress reduction, blood flow and angiogenesis, and insulin sensitivity. These functions culminate in improved endurance performance, allowing you to go the extra mile.

Peak O2 (1000mg) – With high levels of beta glucans and L-Ergothioneine, a potent antioxidant, Peak O2 fights oxidative stress, enhances oxygen uptake, and promotes better endurance. Experience the benefits of increased oxygen utilization within minutes.

Huperzine A (.05mg) – By reducing the breakdown of acetylcholine, Huperzine A improves muscle contraction, cognition, and focus. Keep your eyes on the prize and let your muscles power you to the finish line.

Alpha GPC (600mg) – Crossing the blood-brain barrier, Alpha-GPC is a bioavailable choline-based supplement, making it the preferred source of choline. Enhance cognition, increase power output, improve memory recall, and enjoy neuroprotective properties with Alpha GPC. Its non-stimulatory nature makes it an ideal addition to any supplement stack.

Beta-alanine (as Carnosyn®) (3200mg) – Beta-alanine, a performance staple, increases intracellular carnosine levels, improving endurance and buffering acidity. With direct implications for endurance performance and antioxidant properties, beta-alanine helps reduce symptoms of aging.

Beet Root Powder (1670mg) – Boost exercise efficiency with beetroot powder, which reduces the ATP and oxygen cost of exercise. Combined with ATP boosters like ElevATP and oxygen-carrying promoters like betalains, Perform Elite™ maximizes your exercise performance.

ActiGin (50mg) – Derived from ginseng, ActiGin maintains cellular membrane integrity, which is often compromised during intense exercise. Research has shown a decreased inflammatory response to exercise, leading to improved fatigue resistance.

No Crash. No Jitters. Just Fast.

Experience the ultimate training ignitor with Perform Elite™. Say goodbye to post-workout crashes and jitters, and embrace the power of fast-acting, high-energy performance enhancement. Elevate your training, surpass your limits, and achieve extraordinary results with Perform Elite™.