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Unlocking Cellular Health & DNA Function with Hi-Tech Quercetin

Elevate your well-being with Hi-Tech Quercetin, the ultimate supporter of cellular vitality and DNA functionality. This remarkable compound is designed to fortify your immune response in changing seasons, promote optimal endothelial health, and maintain balanced blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has ingeniously harnessed the power of Quercetin, enhancing its potency through the innovative Cyclosome® delivery system. Our mission was to overcome the Quercetin's low bioavailability challenge, a feat we've accomplished using the groundbreaking Cyclosome® method, leading to exceptional absorption rates.

Hi-Tech's breakthrough involved crafting a more soluble formulation of Quercetin using phosphatidylcholine and beta cyclodextrin. The result? Quercetin Cyclosome, a cutting-edge creation that amplifies Quercetin's plasma levels, achieving up to 20 times the typical dose absorption. Human trials showcased this new formulation's safety and effectiveness in bolstering natural immunity through oral administration, setting a new benchmark for Quercetin's utilization.

Quercetin's potential as a powerful antiviral agent stems from four key mechanisms:

  1. Zinc Transport: Facilitating zinc passage across cell membranes, inhibiting viral cell entry.
  2. Replication Suppression: Hampering replication of infected cells, curbing the virus's spread.
  3. Medication Synergy: Reducing infected cells' resistance to antiviral treatments.
  4. Clotting Control: Inhibiting platelet aggregation, assisting those prone to abnormal clotting.

A flavonoid sourced from apples, onions, teas, berries, and red wine, Quercetin shines as a beacon of immune resilience against seasonal shifts. It goes beyond as an antioxidant, thwarting DNA-damaging free radicals, and as a potent antihistamine and anti-inflammatory agent.

Unveiling its mastery, Quercetin stabilizes mast cell membranes, diminishing histamine release—a boon for allergy sufferers. This flavonoid's antioxidant prowess underscores its diverse benefits, including fostering healthy nitric oxide levels for balanced blood pressure and supporting optimal cholesterol levels.

Significantly, Quercetin emerged as a frontline defense for immune health since March 2020. Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences embarked on a study, showcasing the potential of phosphatidylcholine-complexed Quercetin in taming immune system hyperactivity, famously termed a "cytokine storm." This storm triggers excessive inflammation, posing severe health risks. Quercetin emerges as a multi-faceted hero, modulating inflammation through NF-kB transcription factor control, cytokine inhibition, and suppression of pro-inflammatory enzyme production. Its synergy as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immune modulator sets the stage for transformative support across various conditions.

The ongoing research at Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences illuminates the groundbreaking potential of bioavailable Quercetin (Quercetin complexed with phosphatidylcholine), envisioned to quell the cytokine storm—a monumental stride in immune health. Prepare for an unprecedented natural breakthrough, where Quercetin stands as a guardian against the uncharted realm of immune challenges.