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Save money by enrolling into our weekly Shake Bar or Preworkout/Pump subscription.

There is nothing better than saving money, especially on items that you use every single day. That's why SuppLife is rolling out an ALL NEW option for our loyal customers at our Bristol, CT location.

Our protein shakes typically cost $6-$7 but with our new subscription service, you're paying under $3 for a shake.

Ultimate Combo - $26.95
What you get: 1 Preworkout, 1 Pump, 1 Protein Shake a day
This option by far gives you the biggest bang for your buck. This is for those Super Hero SuppLife customers. The ones who come in for a Pump+Pre everyday and then stop by for a shake after the gym. This option saves the customer $57 a week. That's $230 in your pocket every month!

Shake Lite - $19.99
What you get: 1 Shake a day
Shake Lite is for our customers who come in 3-4x a week for a shake. If you're spending $21 a week on 3 shakes, you're essentially getting 4 shakes for free. You no longer have to question whether or not that 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th shake is within budget.

Shake Strong - $29.99
What you get: 2 Shakes a day
This plan is for our avid shake goers, those who come in multiple times per day. This plan is a $98 value, saving you nearly $70 a week on gains.

Preworkout - $9.99
What you get: 1 Preworkout a day
A Preworkout scoop is $3 each and with this plan, you're only paying a dollar and change for a boost before you hit your lift.

Preworkout and Pump - $14.95
What you get: 1 Preworkout and 1 Pump a day
For the majority of our customers, this is the most popular option. 1 scoop of Pre and 1 scoop of Pump costs $5 each time you get that combination. Now, instead of paying $35 per week, you can save $20 and cut your costs on what keeps you going stronger than the energizer bunny.

Our subscriptions are charged on a weekly basis. You will be automatically billed weekly from the date of your purchase. If you wish to cancel your subscription, we will need a 7 day notice and 1 week cycle to be able to put the subscription cancellation into effect.

Subscription Policy
Our Protein Shake and Preworkout/Pump Subscription offer is limited only to the original purchaser. Shakes and Preworkouts are limited to 1 a day and cannot be stacked. This means that you must redeem your offer each day and may not come in at the end of your weekly subscription cycle to redeem 7 Shakes or Preworkout/Pump.  
If you have any questions regarding your subscription, please message us at or stop by to speak to one of our sales associates.