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VMI Aminogex Ultra BCAA/EAA

Stimulate new muscle growth, halt protein breakdown and accelerate recovery with VMI's Aminogex Ultra BCAA/EAA. Branched Chain Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. Comprised of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, these 3 BCAAs help stimulate muscle protein synthesis, combat muscle breakdown and promote faster recovery.

VMI Aminogex Features

  • Enhance Hydration
  • Increase Performance
  • Accelerate Muscle Recovery 
  • Improve Endurance

VMI Aminogex Ultra BCAA/EAA Ingredients

  • 10g EAA
  • 7g Instantized BCAAs
  • 1.25g Betaine
  • TRACCs Electrolytes and Minerals

VMI Aminogex Ultra Suggested Use

30 Servings

Mix one scoop with 8-16oz of water. You may consume up to two times a day. Aminogex can be taken prior, during and after training or physical activity and may be taken on non-training days. 

Stacking VMI Aminogex Ultra 

Aminogex can be stacked with VMI KXR Pre Workout