Bucked up - Black Woke AF: the Revolutionary Dietary Supplement for Body Builders

Bucked up - Black Woke AF: the Revolutionary Dietary Supplement for Body Builders

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At the crux of the modern-day bodybuilding community lie two expansive pharmaceuticals who provide an array of specialized nutrition and performance enhancement supplements—either of which can optimize their end-users’ workouts.

These two names are Blackstone Labs and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals—both of which remain current in providing quality products tailored to the expanding industry of fitness and health. SuppLife specializes in retailing the products for either company, and here we aim to deliver a comprehensive guide to the two, sorting out the pros and cons, and how they may beneficial to consumers.

A Brief History Of Blackstone Labs And Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Though relatively young on the market, Blackstone Labs has earned an impressive reputation in a few short years, due to their speedy deliveries and strong sense of commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Run by the renowned fitness guru and bodybuilding aficionado, Julian Cundiff, Blackstone Labs has grown impressively in recent times, evidently due to the company's attention and integrity. With their headquarters situated in St. Petersburg, Florida, Blackstone Labs is an international leader in their market, providing quality and efficiency around the world. Their mission? To provide clients with safety and efficacy, and to help bodybuilders and health enthusiasts strive for and achieve peak physical and mental performance.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is similarly a massive player in the health and nutrition industry. Finding its humble beginnings as the now-iconic GenaPharma in 1995, and later re-branding itself in 2005, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is now one of the go-to brands to create meals and shakes tailored to the expanding community of fitness fanatics. As their website cryptically states, their goal remains to provide clients with "physique changing" products which are specifically designed to provide noticeable strength and endurance results.

Though the companies may have differing backgrounds, both remain similar in the mission to provide bodybuilders and enthusiasts with products of the highest caliber—with both companies working tirelessly to prove their social responsibility as large manufacturers and retailers of quality health and nutritional products.

When Comparing Blackstone Labs And Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, What Are The Pros To Consider?

When considering the use of either Blackstone Labs or Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals products, it is essential to note the various advantages of either.

When speaking of Blackstone Labs, one of their primary advantages is easily their variety of products. From fat burning products to performance supplements, and even various pre-made meals and shakes, Blackstone Labs has proven their competence in providing a widely accessible list of products. This is to say nothing of their unflinching choice to provide products with natural ingredients, such as fish oil and MCTs. Furthermore, their current new products are developed and released at a steady rate—allowing for the customers to remain on the cutting edge, of the developing industry.

As for Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, their strengths prove similar. Since they were initially founded in 1995, their products have certainly grown more numerous—giving the customers a sizable selection to rummage through. They too put a priority on natural ingredients, striving for a safe product each time. Further, their scientific research team is a highly valued asset, with their forward-thinking and innovative products yielding high-quality results.

When discussing both Blackstone Labs and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, one of the essential points worth mentioning is their dedication to ensuring each product they produce is certified by the FDA, and complies with the prescribed Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.

With FDA approval on the rise, and GMP compliance an established due-diligence practice, both Blackstone Labs and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals are consistently able to guarantee safety and efficacy for their products, allowing customers to buy with complete peace of mind.

Furthermore, as previously mentioned, both of these companies are keenly aware of their corporate responsibility, and thus strive to provide objectively safe and reliable products—though they differ intrinsically in other regards.

What Are The Cons To Consider When Comparing Blackstone Labs And Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals?

Though their products may differ, both Blackstone Labs and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals come with a variety of drawbacks and cons which are worth noting before investing—namely pricing and obscurity—the former of which merits a rather sizable conversation.

In regards to pricing, Blackstone Labs products remain generally more expensive than their Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals counterparts. This is not to say that they are not definitively better—as this is a subjective call. However, the pricing difference should not be underemphasized, and is a possible deal-breaker for general users who are watching their carbohydrate intake.

With this in mind, many of the Hi-Tech products feature an impressive amount of variety. For example, there is the “Crossfire” fat burning stimulant, the “NitraFury” pre-workout formula, the “Keto-XS” advanced fat-burning capsule, and many more, all of which offer a variety of options when discussing diet, building, and stamina.

In comparison, though Blackstone Labs of course still offers a selection of product variety, its options remain clearly fewer than Hi-Tech. For example, while they offer several protein supplements, energy supplements, and all-around health boosters, their products are arguably more natural—offering less of the fanciful and scientific components than Hi-Tech.

Finally, though this is more of a subjective critique, both Blackstone Labs and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals have recently fallen under heavy scrutiny, as their products often come with a degree of obscurity to them—especially when it comes to the labeling and ingredients. This is compounded by the lack of guidance as to what combinations and dosages may work best for specific users—noting the fact that these products contain stimulants, and the typically unknown consequences of using such substances.

Concluding Thoughts: What Should Users Consider Before Deciding On Blackstone Labs Vs. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals?

After scouring the market and considering the pros and cons of Blackstone Labs and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, what’s the takeaway?

When making a more focused decision regarding the best product, considering both the affordability and the effects of the product are essential.

If price is the primary concern, then Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is likely the most beneficial. However, if the use of natural, researched-backed components is desired, then Blackstone Labs is likely the more responsible choice—noting their commitment to providing users a safe product.

Ultimately, the best decision with Blackstone Labs vs. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a highly subjective one, ultimately reliant upon the user’s bodybuilding goals, and individual budget and tastes. However, whether the decision is of either or neither, SuppLife ensures quality and effectiveness, regardless of the choice.
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