The Benefits of a Comprehensive Supplementation Strategy: Understanding Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Supplementation Strategy: Understanding Blackstone Labs Myo-Stack

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In recent years, Met-Rx— a brand stocked in health, nutrition and active lifestyle stores —has gained a great deal of traction in the fitness industry, particularly with body builders. A range of products are available, including supplements, minerals, sports nutrition, diet and energy products, as well as their well-known protein bars. Despite the vast array of flavors, there still seems to be an age-long debate surrounding what the best Met-Rx bar flavor is. However, most people fail to consider a key factor in evaluating the best flavor — customers’ habitual buying patterns.

It has become a norm for consumers to choose what they buy based on their habitual patterns, which are formed through a mental process of familiarity, repetitiveness and recognition from the consumer’s previous choices. Research that looks into consumers’ habitual buying patterns has been conducted by various scholars, such as Dovey and Bamoulid, who found that habitual behavior was the major contributor in predicting consumer’s purchase decisions, especially in repeat purchases.

Companies that recognize and cater to customers’ habitual patterns can therefore expect an increase in customers’ purchases and satisfaction. In this article, we analyse what customers’ habitual patterns might suggest as the best Met-Rx bar flavor.

Analysis of Customers’ Habitual Patterns

The analysis of customers’ habitual buying patterns can be broken down into four perspectives:

I. Frequency of Buying

One of the measures of customers’ habitual patterns is the frequency at which they buy. It is reasonable to assume that consumers who buy the same product repeatedly are more likely to choose it over other alternatives due to its familiarity and/or perceived superiority over alternatives.

II. Search Behaviour

Secondly, the way customers search for the product or, in other words, search behaviour — which can be gathered through digital buying platforms — provides valuable insight into customers’ habitual patterns. This search behaviour reflects convenience, accessibility, practicality and availability of certain flavors.

III. Keywords

Thirdly, detecting which keywords customers often use to describe their preferences can hint at which flavor customers may opt for due to familiarity. This can be done by establishing which keywords are commonly used on the company website, social media platforms and customer-oriented forums.

IV. Personalised Content

Lastly, personalised content can play a role in predicting which flavor customers may choose. This is due to the perceived relevance and usefulness of such content. Companies such as SuppLife have been known to offer customers personalised content and product information, tailored to specific individuals.


In conclusion, customers’ habitual patterns has a large role to play in predicting what the best Met-Rx bar flavor may be. By analysing the frequency of buying, search behaviour, keywords used and personalised content offered to customers, companies can better determine which flavors have an edge over its competitors.

It is important for companies to be aware of and understand the habits of its customers and the market before choosing a product as the best. As always, what customers think and prefer must be at the center of all decision makings.

Parts of this article are published with the permission of SuppLife.
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