What You Need to Know about CBUM Protein Ice Cream

What You Need to Know about CBUM Protein Ice Cream

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With the increasing popularity of bodybuilding and fitness among the youth, supplements are the new norm. However, when dealing with health supplements to boost energy, build muscle, and expedite recovery after a grueling workout, you can’t just settle for anything. Founded in 2008, Blackstone Labs is a leading company in the health and nutrition industry, working to provide users with the best of what they need.

SuppLife is proud to offer the exhaustive range of Blackstone Labs supplements available for enhanced and targeted fitness and workout goals. SuppLife delivers only the best and most reliable products for people who take their health and exercise seriously. So, let’s delve into what makes Blackstone Labs a trusted brand.

The Science Behind Blackstone Labs

One of Blackstone Lab’s most impressive traits is their commitment to using sophisticated, scientific-grade ingredients in their products. The company works with Lecheek Nutrition, a partner nutrition development house that produces revolutionary, high-quality formulations that have been tested multiple times for utmost safety and potency. All products are manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility in the USA, where premium materials are sourced from reliable suppliers after undergoing rigorous quality checks.

The Blackstone Labs range consists of a diverse range of vitamins, minerals, pre-workouts, crystalline BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) and essential fatty acids that work easily with any diet. For those who want to do more than just build muscle, Blackstone Lab’s formulas have been designed to target fat burning and increased energy levels.

High-Quality, Innovative Ingredients

Balance and rapid restoration from extreme workouts is what separates Blackstone Labs from the rest, thanks to its formulation of scientifically engineered ingredients. Beta Alanine is an essential pre-workout suplement that improves athletic performance, and it is included in many of Blackstone Labs’ products. Other unique ingredients include Creatine Monohydrate, Taurine, Citrulline Malate, and Agmatine Sulfate. All of these ingredients have been tested and tied to increased focus and energy production, thereby enhancing both the performance and results from an intense workout.

More specifically, the Anesthetized formula help provide powerful numbness to any body part without losing performance or accuracy. It helps reduce lactic aced and aches to help you push through the toughest of lifts. Additionally, the products have been designed to eliminate the extra water weight that can put a strain on the user’s body before a workout. The supplements are also denser in essential minerals and amino acids, thereby helping in quicker recovery and better results.

All of Blackstone Labs’ products also contain unique complexes such as Volumass 35 and Creatine Nitrate, that help you get through grueling high-intensity workouts, allowing you to stay focused and intensified until the end.

More Benefits and Freebies

Blackstone Labs offers more than just the best formulas when it comes to health and nutrition for body builders. Customers also benefit from specialized tracking features and daily implementation tools. All products have comprehensive product labels that indicate the concentrations of each active ingredient and each product includes detailed dosage info and individual use instructions. And for those looking to take their health to the next level, Blackstone Labs offers an extensive range of related health and fitness products like soaps, shampoos, proteins, and cycles to further optimize your workout results.

Furthermore, Blackstone Labs provides a lot of support for athletes and bodybuilders trying to make the most of their fitness endeavors. From a free Rob Pilger Webinar to some of the best affiliate programs and special discounts, Blackstone Labs offers users the opportunity to become a part of their extended communityof athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


At the end of the day, you want supplements that can help you maximize your health and fitness goals, without compromising on safety or quality. Blackstone Labs is an established brand that provides intensive nutrition products ideal for avid bodybuilders and athletes. The range includes high-quality, natural ingredients that are 100% safe and approved for use at any level of fitness. Furthermore, their scientifically backed cutting-edge formulas have been designed for optimal gains with enhanced recovery from grueling workouts. So, if you are serious about making the most of your performance and reaching your optimal potential, give Blackstone Labs a try!
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